favorite music

Hey boyz and girlz, I'm assembling my favorite sites for fun, free and fantastic music downloads! Here are things that are one-of-a-kind and because of that the value represented in these items is unestimatable. Or something.

The Covers Project

Eigen Radio

OK, Eigen Radio is offline, since he graduated from MIT. But his "A Singular Christmas" collection is great, spacey electronic music.


trippy random compositions

david f presents

This site started showing up on my web logs, as he had linked to my Primus cover. He's got some great leads for a wide variety of music.

Bush Singing

Join the party party - Listen to W, Dick and others sing in their own voice!

Songs to Wear Pants To

He makes music from instructions that people send him. Wow, the only stupider thing I can think of is writing songs in a week to titles someone posts to a website.

Julio Virella - fusion master

A friend from ASCAP.


Just stumbled across this guy's stuff, I think while googling Frippertronics. Anyway, great thick textures of guitar indulgencies...


gotta love Swedish vanity pressings from the 60s: All Round Show AB

i dig the name of this site : Weirdo Music You know you want to : Odd Musical Instruments

this is my current top favorite : Oddio Overplay

you Will Enjoy Listening To : Father Bingo oh yes, you will :)

do I really have to mention : WebJay? tons and tons of playlists

OMG! : Songfight!
and the amazing songfight explorer

and for wonderous singles from the songfight community : SomeSongs

they got it all : Internet Archive like secret presidential recordings

look out! : Eclectic Bob is funky

it's up there and we're not : Zero Moon

when you're feeling fun and free! : April's weird music page