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Paperclip Trebuchet

Solar Chips

Forget Computers. Here Comes the Sun.

The fledgling solar-cell industry uses just about as many silicon wafers as the chip industry does, but the resemblance ends there.

Trebuchet game

GlobalSpec Games - Trebuchet Challenge

Trebuchet Kits Have you hurled today?

The Tabletop Trebuchet.

It's small and portable, but this little desktop-sized
machine can hurl marbles clear across the room- 20 feet and more! It is 10
inches tall at the axle, 14 inches long and 6 inches wide. Easy to build
and shoot!

More Trebuchets!

The Grey Company Trebuchet Page

Welcome to The Grey Company Trebuchet page.

Archeology catagory

Szirine Magazine - Egypt - Dalia Abdel Megeed, Bibliotheca Alexandrina: A New Design to an Old Wonder (2004-01-23) - literary magazine on world cultures, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photography, art - published by World Cultures Foundation, Inc.

Cooking with Lava!

Hawaii Hotels - Dolphin Bay Hotel, Hilo, Hawaii - Big Island Hotels

How To Cook With Lava

Volcanoes -- Image Gallery

Wild Volcanoes

Titanic info

Titanic Timeline


National Model Railroad Association

You like trains...

You have built, are building or would like to build a model railroad.

You need information and advice and maybe just a little help.

You have information and talents that you would like to share with others who share your interest in trains. - click for Member Benefits -

Cool web stuff

The New York Times > Business > Your Money > Techno Files: An Update on Stuff That's Cool (Like Google's Photo Maps)

THIS is a "where are they now?" report on some products and innovations previously described in this space.

Saturn V photos


Steam Trains:

Big selection
Round House
Wheels and Pistons