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OK Cupid

JB asked a bunch of us to help with his proposal to Dorie. Here's my contribution to this great cause (they met on the OK Cupid dating service.) This remix leaves out the controversial "date scene" that's on the Song Fight site.


I'm so tired of lonely nights
but, I won't sleep if I'm alone again
but is this all a waste of time?
who will know me for who I really am?

can't you see me?
I don't really know you but
won't you call me?
I'm alone and so are you...

OK Cupid take my soul
I'd take an arrow for a wife - yes i would
OK Cupid now's your turn
help me find a brand new life - i really should

OK Cupid saved my soul
and now I've got a brand new life - yes I do
OK Cupid nows my turn
to make it special for my wife - wouldn't you?

© 2009 roy walter

March 14, 2009 11:28 AM