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Bethany Lutheran Church - 1

The Wood Carvings and Wood Sculptures of Frank Walter at Bethany Lutheran Church, Elmhurst, NewYork

A. Bethany Lutheran Church

The church, which is located at 48-08 91st Place, Elmhurst, New York 11373-4027, was dedicated November 11, 1927. The church is Tudor in design. "Tudor" defines a period from 1485 until 1605, which is the last sub-period within the overall "Gothic" period.

Five common features of Tudor exterior design are:
1. Stucco facade,
2. Towers,
3. Rectangular windows,
4. Polychromatic masonry (the tower at the corner of the building, the front door, the side wall columns and side doorways are made of brick, granite and stucco), and
5. Stained glass windows (Only the two front windows were stained glass when the church was completed).

The stucco presently is in the process of repair, undercoating and painting with the front door painted the final gold color. The post card shows the church as completed without stained glass windows in the nave.


November 23, 2009 10:37 PM