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My Love Is Forever

First entry for the Purple Reign project, borrowing song titles from the pained rain man for new original works.

Not for a day
Not a week, a month or year
Don't speak, I know that this is dear to you
So don't stop looking over your shoulder
It's me, I'm still here and I won't go away
I don't go away
You thought that we'd have fun
You thought this was nice
A summer of love for all the folks at home you know
A future og Hallmark cards and romances
No, that's not how I play 
This isn't a game to win or lose
Oh no, I won't walk away 
You asked, I said it, I'll live up to it
There's too much superficiality in the world today
Too many people making false claims
I'm here to end it, to keep the faith and make you believe
My Love is Forever
and forever ...
My Love is Forever
Forever, and a day

© 2007 roy walter

October 25, 2007 12:23 PM