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Space Cadet
(SuperDuper Ken Cover)

Oh man, another Hxaro, another thrill! Ken wrote this cool song. I did it my way. As usual...


Here's Ken's original song.

space cadet where have you gone
there's an empty chair where you belong
just a light up in the sky
to let me know that you survived

did you find what you were looking for in space
did the distance bring you closer to that place
do you dream that you are home and in your bed
and just pretend you're not in orbit any more

we miss you when you're not around
feet planted firmly on the ground
you had to prove your waxen wings
to fly you closer to your dreams

did you find...

space cadet where are your now
i hope to hear from you somehow
i think about you every night
beneath the stars all shining bright

did you find...

intro: F A- Bb C
verse: F A- G- Bb
chorus: Bb C F Bb

June 30, 2005 05:02 AM