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Rocket Through It

This is for Erik's teachers and therapists, to thank them for the great work they've done over the years. It uses lots of "Erik-isms" and tries to highlight the role these people have played in his (and our) life. He's moving on to PS8 next year and will likely be working with a new set of folks, so we wanted to give them something special from Erik.

Then Glenn Case comes along and adds bass and backing vocals to create a monster! It just rocks now. He's going to include this on a benefit CD, Notes Of Hope, for two friends - 4 year old boys who were badly burned this month in an accident in Spokane, Washington. One of them is his cousin's son.


To help raise money for the boys' treatments and family travel expenses he's arranged a PayPal account for donations, and organized this CD, as well as a benefit concert planned for July 15th.

To donate for the boys, send funds via PayPal to this account:


I see you most every day
Sometimes I've got lots to say

PT, OT - all the things that you do for me
The way I walk and talk - you watch me like a hawk

You help if I can't do it
you help me to rocket right through it
I've something to say to you
I don't know what I would do

I think life's a great big stage
I know my hobby's all the rage

I will show you there's nothing that we can't do
Come inside now there's a seat just for

You help if I can't do it
You help me to rocket right through it
I've something to ask of you
Can we do it all this day?

June 20, 2005 10:40 AM