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Split Personality

OK, this one is another for FAWM. Here I explore my past down two very different paths. Not terribly deep, mind you, but exploring nonetheless.


Split personality

Flash right back where we began
There soon emerged two men that ran
But with everyone so damn uptight
They didn’t see the difference ‘tween wrong and right

And what can I do?
Can’t even tie my own shoe

Not far from where I grew up
I took some tips in the sun in a frozen cup
And I spent it on a two hour brunch with mr. Magoo
Back then it was sink or swim
And I never did catch the trouble I’m in
Till it spread like a welder’s fire through the hallways at school

Once thought to be bright and strong
Who’d ever bet that the shot was long
Luckily landed back on my feet
But when I’m feeling down I can sense the cheat

And what can I say?
It’s prolly better this way

One day you’ll all see it’s true
But you never think it will happen to you
Cause it’s always like the weirdest things that you see on the news
Never doubt the power of one
Cause with it you’re invisible and that can be fun
When you get in your car and drive out of town outa view

© 2005 roy walter

February 11, 2005 02:09 AM