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DMV (Primus cover)

There was a Gift Of Music coverfight with the Songfight crowd. I received the titles requested by Rabid Garfunkle:

"DMV" - Primus
"Brother Wolf Sister Moon" - The Cult
"Over the Rails" - Rubber Chicken Lollipop
"Buy My Snake Oil" - Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon

So...I picked Primus. For some reason. I originally had some basa nova thing going, but India soon took over. The main objective was to avoid the whole hyper bass line entirely. Then create texture and dynamic while sticking with the drive of the original.


I'm not sure how they got to my site, but someone in France is listening...

(as freetranslation.com sees it)
Roymond is a very active musician on internet. To follow it, one would say that it cannot stop his frantic creativity. And when it resumes a title of Primus, for a project Gift Of Music Coverfight, that rings as a piece of Renaldo & The Loaf with a guitar solo of Snakefinger. And I am fan of this kind d'ambiences... brief, a very good discovery!

January 10, 2005 02:52 AM