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Happy Birthday Daddy

Adapted from a song I wrote my mom in the 80s. Here Fiona, Samara and Anna sing Happy Birthday to their dad from America!


well we knew what we could get you but the box was too small
and we couldn't find the paper to wrap it all
when we put our heads together it came to us - zap!
if the present is love let the paper be rap

happy birthday to you daddy ...

hiking up a mountain can be really a bore
and then we're always fighting and fighting some more
you tried to make it fun with lots of games
but we'll still love you if you forget all our names

happy birthday to you daddy ...

I like that you're helping me to learn to shoot
'cause even when its raining its still a real hoot
walking round with guns is usually illicit
not if you've got a deer stalking certificate

we've had rabbit and sea monkeys, a fish and the dog
now we've got some chickens - they don't lay eggs - oh god!
you've always liked cooking, you've spent many an hour
maybe we should start making sweat and sour

happy birthday to you daddy ...

(c) 2004 roy walter

October 31, 2004 11:54 PM