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Talk About Your Feelings

Here Erik and Jason work through it and let us all know why you've got to talk about your feelings. I did this for Songfight!


I've got a heart and I've got a mind
I'll tell you what I'm not, you tell me what I am in kind
Let's not talk about our jobs or anything else that's wise
Let's talk about our feelings - try em on for size

How many times are you gonna run away
And how many words are you never gonna say
To how many people, and for how many seasons
Let's talk about your feelings - now we're looking for the reasons

Now I've got the time, and I even got the place
But I ain't got patience for a feast that ain't got taste
This stonewalling's really gotta stop before it turns out way too late
Let's talk about your feelings, it'll eat your insides out - just wait!

See, you didn't collapse and you didn't implode
When you put out the fuze you put out the need to explode
Next time you'll know what to do, next time it'll be twice as nice
Let's talk about your feelings - have a tall one on ice

© 2004 roy walter

May 4, 2004 03:24 PM