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Say The Word

Written in May 2004, I was commenting on the promises made by candidates of both parties to represent we the people. They're so accomodating, aren't they? I used a Phillips head screw driver for the Hawaiian slide guitar part. Other than that it's a pretty straight forward guy with guitar song with some very nice chord changes.


sometimes i wonder who we are
because of how we've changed thus far
still, if we're not as you've heard
just say the word
and we'll see who we can blame
we can even change the name

and i wonder how we see
through the glare of galilee
where the sunset's mystic red
turns us on our head
and its not hard to see why
if i told you you would cry

another poll says we're alright
after the make overs each night

so if we're not what you like
we'll take a knife
and we'll cut out all we ruin
just to make it fit our tune

just say the word

© 2004 roy walter

May 18, 2004 07:15 PM