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Zombie Son

Written in April 2004, I was putting down some simple observations about Bush using the same condescending tone that he often uses when he refuses to see very basic issues clearly.

zombie son has all the fun!

now i know that even though
we had to go and maybe blow
the rules and flow of democratic life away

you turn your back against the lack
of what you pack its just a sack
which any hack would say

zombie son has all the fun!

when your dad was just a lad
he wasn't sad he lost no chad
when he got mad he had no feet of clay

but you're a joke the things you spoke
before we woke you went for broke
we took a soak that day

see no [i don't care what you show]
speak no [i don't care what you hear]
hear no [i don't care what you say]

perhaps we learned when we got burned
the court adjurned our fortune turned
the life we yearned for we will have to pay

can we restore the pride we wore
not long before you closed the door
on many more to pray

zombie son has all the fun!

lets make this work, its just a quirk
don't wear that smirk, i'm not a jerk
like you some twirp that's caught up in the fray

i like to hope that we can cope
and when we vote you hear the nope
so please don't mope just go away

see no
speak no
hear no

© 2004 roy walter

April 20, 2004 10:28 PM