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Needs Tilt

I wrote this for an IRC Allstars track on songfight!. Blue then arranged and produced it with contribution from untold others.


until now I understood
the doctors did all that they could
losing signal with the station
forced to use imagination

once the cable's cut you're gone
at least by then you've never won
losing sight - procrastination
orbit lost across the nation

our needs tilt when governments are hiding
our needs tilt when operators lie
our needs tilt with superstitions dying
our needs tilt when someone asks us why
our needs tilt with stoic figures crying
our needs tilt when tattered flags can't fly
our needs tilt with welfare cases laying
our needs tilt if corporations try

another sunday morning show
doesn't know just what to know
taking calls from nonbelievers
making calls to misty grievers

haven't felt this way in years
said the man in sullen tears
takes his keys and starts on walking
finds his car does all the talking

© roy walter 2003

August 11, 2003 10:57 PM