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Variation on Two

This was produced one weekend as I watched the Wimbledon tennis finals while sick in bed. Written and largely recorded during the women's final match, and finished and mixed during the men's final the next day.

It is focused purely on the women, the Williams sisters. Their egos and grips on the top slots in their game when they were starting to turn into either snobbish champions or seasoned professionals.


when we saw you last night
we knew that something wasn't right
you were giving up the fight
and everybody knows it

there's nothing that's in your eyes
that says that you'd compromise
while most any move is wise
when you're standing in a tar pit

i know it seems unreal
look, we didn't make a deal
what is it with you two that you can't fake it?

we've taken the square of you
a variation of the two
but it never really adds up when you break it

knowing all too well
if there's no getting saved by a bell
and you feel you're going through hell
you just keep going

but don't make it hard on yourselves
just polish them and stock your shelves
but don't let your big heads swell
cause that's all that will be showing

look, it's not up to you
no matter what you do
it's not like you can suck up to the spectators

so next time you play this game
don't do it all the same
and you'll figure out what makes winners

© 2003 roy walter

July 5, 2003 03:45 PM