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Sunny Again

Written in June 2003, I was tying together Bush's difficulty making informed, intellegent decisions about world affairs, and peripheral items like the Dixie Chicks' speaking out against him and getting accused of being anti-American or somehow unpatriotic for exercising their freedom of speech! I couldn't believe this was happening. "Either you're with us or you're against us" was being yelled at US citizens as if we had no right to question his leadership. Well, I'm not with you, Mr. President. The beauty of this country isn't that our President rules unchecked by its citizenry, but that we can speak our mind and suggest alternate opinions and even ask for accountability for your actions. More than that - I can't wait till you're gone!

there's a dark cloud over all you do
when its dry its hard enough to chew
but when it rains it poisons us, too - so,

i can't wait till
can't wait till when
when you leave and
its sunny again

I'd be embarrassed, too, if I called yours my home
at least now I don't feel so all alone
I'm whistling Dixie with the chicks to make you moan

i just can't wait
can't wait till when
when you're gone and
its sunny again

now don't get me wrong
you're a man among men
it's just that your approach to "whether"
well, it ain't quite Zen

now i just can't wait
can't wait till when
when you've left and
its sunny again - I'll shout

yee-ha! here come the sun!
we'll need to undo all the dos that you have done
cause you've made it so bad to be top gun
well, ignorance can hide, but it can't run
if the journey to enlightenment is half the fun
wouldn't it be much lighter if you had none
of the lies you're packin that weigh half a ton
and distort the truth about what you've become
but who we joking? you're only half done
and in two more years we'll be twice as glum
by then all the dressing be eaten up by your chums
and they be flashin you that upwards thumb
that says you're their hero, and not a bum
now be careful - don't drop a crumb

© 2003 roy walter

June 20, 2003 10:22 PM