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Birthdays and Breakups

All of life's trauma gets wrapped up in these two recuring polar events in life. Somehow it always came back to mom. And Barry Manilow.


used to think birthdays were fun
filled with games and candy
mom would make a pirate cake
the radio played mandy

but now the day is dreaded so
it marks another year
the years are shorter now you know
don't dwell on this - I'll shake in fear

birthdays and breakups
from get downs to fuck ups
when you're down you get up
for birthdays and breakups

breakups never had a cake
though sometimes that'ld be handy
my mom never liked the girl
but barry still sang mandy

in retrospect I must admit
some breakups they were funny
but if you sense I had a fit
I'd say you're on the money

birthdays and breakups

© 2003 roy walter

June 13, 2003 03:15 PM