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Angels on a High

Rap breaks bring new life to an old classic, from David Klein and myself, recorded in 1984. A medley of christmas tunes that are sure to ... ring your bells.

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angels we have heard you're high
hanging on up there with the planes
past the mountains you will fly
clouds of smoke go through your brain

somebody planned this Jubilee
to help the shopping lines prolong
me i shoplift what i need
and now i sing this christmas song

so come on down, check it out and see
Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen have gone queer
seen them all on mtv
christ is chairman of the party this year

jesus jesus soon of god
was born of the virgin mary they say
and now through these christmas mobs we trod
you'ld think that christ was born thanksgiving day

mary and joseph
where'd you get that boy
and what's his weird religious rap
i mean i'm into heavy metal and i say "destroy!"
and i wonder what the holy ghost would say about that

so angels can you spare some herb
down here things are mighty dry
and the reason i ask is cause i'm kind of disturbed
and my state of mind i really want to modify

(c) 1984 david klein & roy walter

December 23, 1984 02:17 PM