music notes

resources for experimentation:

Awesome sound search -

Free Gospel MP3s -

Phonography Archive -

Lots of field recordings, many binaural, etc.

Bass Lobster -

Lots of training material. Transcriptions, etc.

Moog VA plugin -

Natural Studio -

Extraordinary samples. Especially drums, but others too!

CC Mixter -

More loops for the fruity

Hollow Sun samples - vintage, etc. -

User submitted sounds and loops of cool gear

Field recordings -

The Song Fight Network :: View topic - Field recordings

My buddy Adam Parrish does these field recordings with his MiniDisc recorder. They're uh... pretty bitchin' ambient things.[/url]


Looping -

Musolomo lets you capture sound in an instant and play it back how you want it, looping, changing it's melody, rhythm and organisation. An unparalleled performance instrument or remix tool!

Free Sounds Library -

The Recordist - Free Sound Effects

These effects are from The Recordist SFX Library
and the "Special Edition". The MP3 stereo versions are
high quality 44.1 compressed. To download a sound file, click on
a link of your choosing. Please note: these files are not streaming

Sounds Online - samples -

soundsonline - offers 30% occassional discounts to ASCAP members

Anagram Engines for Songwriting -

You know how to write songs in code, right?

Loops and samples -

Loopasonic - Drum Loops
Listing of drum loops
- awesome tabla, etc. - awesome individual samples ... drums, tabla, etc. -

Amazing collection of drum loops

Middle Eastern Percusion -

Animal Sounds -

Collection of animal sound samples

Fiddle Loops -

Custom violin and fiddle loops! for FREE use with credit.