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MIDI Drum patterns -

Drum Beats

The following files consist only of drum beats. Each MIDI file (Type 1) contains an entire drum arrangement (ie, intro, verses, choruses, with appropriate fills) in a particular style (for example, Shuffle). These are arrangements that I made myself, and I've strived to create arrangements that are typical of what a gigging drummer would play, for a realistic performance that has enough variation to sound human, but is subdued enough to provide suitable rhythmic backup for any tune in that style.

Songfight production forums -

How to Make Great Mixes

Drums and Compression

Recording Acoustic Guitar

Band-limited compression


ProRec -

Rip Rowan: Spatial Processing Tools

Spatial processors are all the rage. Just about every effects package comes with some kind of “stereoizer” effect. What do these effects really do? How should they be used? And which ones work the best? I spent some quality time getting my head into this technology, trying to understand what these different tools are doing, how they work, and which ones I like the best.

Drumagog -

Drumagog Drum Replacer Plugin

 Compatible with WAV, AIF, SDII, and GIG samples and libraries

Jesusonic -


Jesusonic is a fully programmable effects processor for guitar, bass, vocal and general use.

Mac Music -

A very busy site on all things music related on mac, with a busy community.

Music Links - old page -

This page outlines the equipment I use and links to sites relevent to my stuff or the music production process in general.

My Studio
I record on a Mac Powerbook, with Logic Audio 6 and Reason 2.5.

The boxes are: Steinberg/Neundo Multiset, PreSonus BlueTube pre-amp, MXL 990 Condenser Mic.

The guitars are: Steinberger GM, Lowden steel string acoustic, Ibenez Artist, Kohno nylon string, Fernandez Fender-jazz rip-off

Logic User Groups, etc.

Awesome Logic FAQ :

Logic Info, links :

Mastering Links : Mastering discussion thread

Mastering Boards - great!

Tons of good links

Misc. Resources
Tons of starting points :

Tons of resouces for sounds :

Singer/Songwriter Directory

Singer/Songwriter Directory

wget -O - | wget -ci -

(Just a piece of code I need to download songfights)