clean songs

These are songs that are pretty straight forward from a production and sonic viewpoint. Links to the music and the lyrics are here:

Save New Orleans   

Written for Songfight! in response to hurricane Katrina's attack on New Orleans. I can't put myself in the situation that so many people now find themselves in. I can only dwell on the prospects of rebuilding a community that is now entirely homeless and dispersed.

Die For Me   

Another one written for Songfight and bringing up the questions of leadership and trust. Something we look for at work, at home, at large.

Everything came together April 8th (words and music). Then John Benjamin of the JBB came through with the cello parts, and the world was a better place. Thanks JB!

Just Blue   

Written in December 2002, I was commenting on the seemingly unanimous wave of support for Bush's military and social endeavors. What shocked me was the impression that Bush could do no wrong. And I felt there was a sense of helplessness in many people's minds, as if we should just march along with his stubborn policies.

Thanks to George Demarest for the trumpet solo!

Say The Word   

Written in May 2004, I was commenting on the promises made by candidates of both parties to represent we the people. They're so accomodating, aren't they? I used a Phillips head screw driver for the Hawaiian slide guitar part. Other than that it's a pretty straight forward guy with guitar song with some very nice chord changes.

She's On My Mind   

A little jazzy number for my special lady.

Twenty One   

Based on a real story in the Torronto Star which may not be live any more, but its about an instant camera lost at an amusement park. A woman sent the photos in to the Toronto Star with a note. Well, at least I thought there was a story in there. Written for Songfight! in Novemeber, 2003.

Level Best   

My second songfight! entry. Much of the final mix was done in the sheep meadow of Central Park during lunch. I love being mobile!

So Aggravating   

This was my first Songfight entry.