bush songs

I've written some songs that help express some of my views about President Bush. Links to the music and the lyrics are here:

Die For Me   

Another one written for Songfight and bringing up the questions of leadership and trust. Something we look for at work, at home, at large.

Everything came together April 8th (words and music). Then John Benjamin of the JBB came through with the cello parts, and the world was a better place. Thanks JB!

Just Blue   

Written in December 2002, I was commenting on the seemingly unanimous wave of support for Bush's military and social endeavors. What shocked me was the impression that Bush could do no wrong. And I felt there was a sense of helplessness in many people's minds, as if we should just march along with his stubborn policies.

Thanks to George Demarest for the trumpet solo!

Zombie Son   

Written in April 2004, I was putting down some simple observations about Bush using the same condescending tone that he often uses when he refuses to see very basic issues clearly.

Sunny Again   

Written in June 2003, I was tying together Bush's difficulty making informed, intellegent decisions about world affairs, and peripheral items like the Dixie Chicks' speaking out against him and getting accused of being anti-American or somehow unpatriotic for exercising their freedom of speech! I couldn't believe this was happening. "Either you're with us or you're against us" was being yelled at US citizens as if we had no right to question his leadership. Well, I'm not with you, Mr. President. The beauty of this country isn't that our President rules unchecked by its citizenry, but that we can speak our mind and suggest alternate opinions and even ask for accountability for your actions. More than that - I can't wait till you're gone!

Tis The Season   

A lively number from my friend David Klein that memorializes Sr Bush's (#41) best laid plans.

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