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I am a lone artist that occassionally collaborates with others but for the most part I produce my own flavors late at night, fueled by Java Chip ice cream. Here are the pieces that best represent my musical vision. For the whole catalog go here.

Honeymoon In Polynesia   

Another winning entry for Songfight!. Sort of a fantasy of amnesia. I know that doesn't help any but you'll have to run with it. Tonamel provides vocal [lyrics and more]

Cheer Up Shelley   

Shelley is impatient for the answer and unsteady without one. Her quest for knowledge has led her to religion and science alike. Faith fills the gaps, but she now rests assured that that's all faith can do. Written for the 12/13/04 [lyrics and more]

Say The Word (Walrus Gumble cover)   

Written in April 2004 by Walrus Gumble a.k.a User, for songfight! Here's the original. I was assigned it as a coverfight challenge in August 2004 and gave it my spin. T [lyrics and more]

Zombie Son   

Written in April 2004, I was putting down some simple observations about Bush using the same condescending tone that he often uses when he refuses to see very basic issues clearly. [lyrics and more]

Twenty One   

Based on a real story in the Torronto Star which may not be live any more, but its [lyrics and more]

Accelerator (Insects Ahead cover)   

This cover was done for Coverfight in Sep, 2003. Glenn and Jack Shite wrote an amazing song and I did my thing with it. It had a lot of drama hidden in there. I loved [lyrics and more]


Based on this site and discussions with my friend Ted about his ornothological friends. While the song is specifically about birds that have gone extinct, it applies to our world at large, and [lyrics and more]

Sunny Again   

Written in June 2003, I was tying together Bush's difficulty making informed, intellegent decisions about world affairs, and peripheral items like the Dixie Chicks' speaking out against him and getting accused of being anti-American or somehow unp [lyrics and more]