africa music project

thoughts and links about opportunities for development of the music industry in africa:

Samples from Mali

Sampling the Sounds of Mali Without Leaving Home

Ten albums of superb contemporary Malian music, with audio clips from each.

Mali music

The Siren Song of Mali

Music lovers are making pilgrimages to this West African country, which some say gave birth to the American blues.

South Africa Podcasts

New Directory Features South African Podcasts

Podcasts SA is a resource and directory for podcasting that focuses on South Africa.

According to the site, its goal is to be "a place where podcasting can be supported, encouraged and resourced in and around South Africa, Botswana, Saziland, Lesotho, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Angola, Zambia and Malawi."

Future of Africa discussions at PopTech 2005

PopTech is an extraordinary conference held each year in Maine. This two-part discussion deals with Africa's future and the various challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.

This is part of IT Conversations, a wealthy pool of intellegence that leaks your way, one podcast at a time, or on demand.

UNCTAD music search

Additional "music" links from the UN Conference on Trade and Development


The E-Commerce and Development Report focuses on trends in information and communications technologies (ICT), such as e-commerce and e-business, and on national and international policy and strategy options for improving the development impact of these technologies in developing countries.
* Analyses of the use of ICT by the SMEs of developing countries and policies and strategies for the development of a national ICT sector;
* A study of the impact of digital and Internet technologies in the creative industries (in particular in the music industry) and their application to online higher learning;

Fula Flute

The Fula Flute Ensemble was founded in New York City in 1999 and is composed of some of the finest African and African-oriented musicians in North America. Its jazz-style approach to mostly traditional Mande repertoire makes an otherwise foreign idiom sound strangely familiar.

Check out the video featuring the ensemble.

Wesleyan University

They have a very established world music/dance curriculum, including West African Drumming. My wife is an alumni. Does anyone have direct contact with artists/academics there? They may have some arrangements that may fit nicely with our efforts.

Now I see that MODIBA Productions' Jesse Brenner is a Wesleyan graduate (student?). Read a great interview in Business Week

Singing For Your Supper: Culture as Economic Development

Article from

MODIBA Productions

A production collective united in a love of African music, a passion for modern filmmaking, and a commitment to the social and economic empowerment of the African Continent.

Economic analysis of DRMs roll-out over the Internet

By:O. Bomsel and A.-G. Geffroy, Ecole des Mines de Paris, FR on:10/03/05

Abstract and link to full article. also many other useful links.


The Commission was set up by the British government to look at how intellectual property rights might work better for poor people and developing countries. The first Commission meeting was in London on the 8th-9th May 2001, and the final report was published on 12th September 2002.

Although the Commission disbanded on completion of its report, this website is intended as a means of explaining the work of the Commission and providing access to the final report and supporting documents, which can all be downloaded from this site.

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development-African Economic Outlook and related articles

The full study is $99, but there are many interesting links here.

Rockefeller Foundation initiative to promote intellectual property (IP) policies fairer to poor people

2002 Press release outlining the Rock Foundation initiative. Deserves more research... search for "music", etc.

The African Studies database

"the most comprehensive collection of information for Africa in one place"? I don't know about this service but it is intriquing. Perhaps a non-profit can gain access?

UN paper on "Copyrights, competition and development: the case of the music industry"

Focuses especially on Africa and developing countries. Pubished in 2000. There is a great set of references and list of other papers at the end.

Eldis page for "Poor people’s knowledge" book

An entry introducing the World Bank book, with links to other related development projects and resources. Search for "music" for some interesting entries.

World Bank Book-Poor people’s knowledge : promoting intellectual property in developing countries

Chapter 4 highlights the Africa Music Project by Frank Penna, Monique Thormann and J. Michael Finger


The hand-out Peter gave us at the first meeting.