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May 31, 2005

Fake Science Lab Report

I don't know why I haven't mentioned them here before, but I've been listening to these folks since their first show and it's really turning into a slick thing. Realistic discussions of the future of the music industry, DIY artists, and intelligent banter. Go...subscribe...

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Surround This!

Radio Currents Online - May 23 - May 29, 2005

Internet Surround Music Project Created

Los Angeles - May 25, 2005 - Several companies involved in audio technologies have banded to form the Internet Surround Music Project. The charter members of the group are Cakewalk, Coding Technologies, recording artist Richard Devine, Jazz Mutant, Minnetonka Software, Nasseri Music Business Solutions, Native Instruments, Steinberg, recording artist Amon Tobin, Tuner2.com and Winamp.

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May 26, 2005

Portable Studio

Ultimate Mobile Audio Creation Kit

Mike Outmesguine’s blog entry ‘Sony PSP goes cellular using a JunxionBox gateway’ just reminded me of a really cool idea. At the Mobile media conference he showed us the Junxion Box which is a Wi-Fi to cellular gateway. Meaning you can get a wi-fi connection for your laptop anywhere a EVDO cellular connection is available. I had heard about the DIY Stomp Box that does the same thing, but hadn’t seen the cool commercial one. He also brought a backpack with photovoltaic panels on it. A solar backpack to power your mobile electronics! He casually challenged us to imagine what the future of media creation would be like if grassroots journalist had this gear. So in the spirit of this and because I love lists/howtos. Here is the Ultimate Mobile Audio Creation Kit. It always could be done cheaper, but this is the ULTIMATE kit. :)

1) Laptop w/wi-fi - pick your flavor, i like macs
Apple PowerBook 12″ 1.5GHz small screen is light

2) Wi-Fi to Cellular Gateway
Junxion Box or make your own Stomp Box w/ Linux

3) Audio Recording Device
Marantz PMD 660 - solid state, no moving parts, records to uncompressed wav on CF cards, low impedance mic inputs, USB

4) Microphone
Shure SM58, unidirectional (cardioid) dynamic, low impedance, bulletproof

5) Headphones
Extreme Isolation Headphones - block out all that unwanted noise in public spaces with these bad boys.

4) Solar Backpack
The Voltaic Backpack

5) Cables - audio, power, usb, powerstrip, etc.

Now if I only had all this stuff so I could write a howto on using it all together. Hint, Hint! :)

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May 23, 2005

iTunes for Podcatching

Apple On Board: Podcasting Turf Battle Heats Up

The competition to be the podcasting portal-of-choice has just gained a new player. Apple says it will release a new version of its iTunes media player that will support finding, filtering and synchronizing MP3 files with an iPod player. The new version of iTunes is reportedly due in about 60 days.

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May 13, 2005

Do U Yahoo!? Will You?

Yahoo! Music Engine Mojo

Whatever the fate of Yahoo! Music Unlimited, the new subscription service, the bigger story might be Yahoo! Music Engine, the service client. You get YME by starting a trial subscription, and you keep the program if you bail from the service. YME might seem like just another desktop media player, but this program and its development staff remind me of early Winamp products more than anything since those bygone days. In fact the lead developer, Ian Rogers, helped build Winamp. Ian is running the plug-in development and download community with the same gonzo insouciance that characterized Nullsoft.

Look at this. It is the YME Plugins Site. Here, you can see the plugin development work that has been in progress since March. The range of enhancements available for this brand new client is astonishing, and the freelance developers haven’t even gotten started yet. Video playback. Multi-room
synchornization in the home. Podcast fluency, including spidering and slurping. Smart(er) playlisting. Slideshows. Line-in recording. Unix command lines. New and slick library interfaces. Alternate mini modes (Ian Rogers admits the
default mini is “half-assed”). Yahoo! Search plug-in. An alarm clock (reportedly whipped up by a product manager during a meeting). RSS playlist feeds (I mentioned
this one yesterday). Library graphical data mining. Web browsing within YME.

It’s nearly unbelievable. A major media company releasing an open-platform product in a high-stakes indsutry, developed by a team that seems to be operating with an eye-popping degree of autonomy and personality. That Yahoo! mojo is rocking harder than ever.

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May 11, 2005

BMI podcasts

Digital Music News

The podcasting groundswell continues to grow, with rights licensing agency BMI the latest to enter the fray. The new podcast series, called "See It Hear First," features works from a slate of unsigned artists, including Jetpack, Astaire, somedaynew and Brendan James. The podcasts are geared towards the A&R crowd, and will be available on the BMI
site and pushed through regular email blasts.

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May 05, 2005

Future of Music Coalition

Future of Music Coalition

The Future of Music Coalition is a not-for-profit collaboration between members of the music, technology, public policy and intellectual property law communities. The FMC seeks to educate the media, policymakers, and the public about music / technology issues, while also bringing together diverse voices in an effort to come up with creative solutions to some of the challenges in this space.

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