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Xtreme Machine エクストリームマシン ディスクローター LAUNCH ブレーキローター 【Launch Brake Rotors】 COLOR:Black Cut Xquisite [678301] FLH FLTCOLOR:Black Cut [678300]はこちら
COLOR:Chrome [678302]はこちら



POSITION:Rear, 11.8”,

COLOR:Black Cut Xquisite [678301]

FLH 08-17
FLT 08-17

Black Cut Xquisite rotors are black anodized centers with machine cut and polished aluminum edges. 420 Stainless steel, ground finish. Two piece machined aluminum rotor. Xtreme machine rotors will not work with O.E.M. H-D wheels or 99?earlier calipers. Machined to match the pattern of Xtreme machine wheels for a complete custom look. Black Cut rotors are black anodized centers with machine cut, aluminum edges.

※Will not fit 2014 FLT】FLH O.E.M. wheels.

【送料無料】ブレーキ FLH FLT Xtreme Machine エクストリームマシン 0133-1802XLAS-BMP