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Bill’s Pipes ビルズパイプス スリップオンマフラー SA-4シリーズ スリップオンサイレンサー 【SA-4 Series Slip-On [124028]】 CRF450R 2002■商品番号



・ Lightweight brushed aluminum muffler
・ TIG welded reinforced muffler bracket
・ 304 stainless steel mid-pipe
・ Black powder-coated stainless steel end tip
・ Increased horsepower and torque gains

CRF450R 2002

The SA-4 slip-on is the best bang for your buck if you are looking for instant horsepower and torque gains. Allowing you to retain your stock head pipe, the SA-4 slip-on replaces your heavy and restrictive muffler, giving you a lighter, much better performing system. The SA-4 cannot be matched when it comes to price, craftsmanship and overall looks.


【送料無料】マフラー CRF450R 2002 Bill’s Pipes ビルズパイプス 41-H4502